Stylist for the Everyday Woman




I’ll help you go through your closet, determine what gets to stay and what has to go. At the same time, I’ll make a list of things you need to make your wardrobe current and fully optimized.

Closet Organization

This is where I make your closet work for you, and not vice versa. Your closet will be organized by color, category and climate. This will revolutionize the way you get dressed, by making it much more enjoyable & so much easier.

Styling Your Closet

Do you walk into your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? Has getting dressed become a chore instead of a delight? After your closet makeover, you’ll have a ton of options in no time! I’ll even create a look book so you an have a reference to rely on!

Personal Shopping

Shopping should be enjoyable and not a drudgery. As your style consultant, I’ll make sure we go to stores that fit your budget lifestyle, and personality. Together, we will choose pieces that work for more than just one season.

Special Event Styling

Do you have a very special occasion coming up? Let me help you become the belle of the bail by your wardrobe or in the stores.


Whether you’re a size 4, 14, or 40, your silhouette will not change. Lets choose pieces that work for your specific body type from now to forever. Amen.